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London portraits and events photographer


I’m Daniel, portraits and events photographer based in London, but also happy to travel around the UK and Europe. My main goal is to provide high quality portraits and events photography along with great customer service. Booking a portraits or events photographer doesn’t have to be difficult. If you don’t know how to start just get in touch! I’m here to help you to make the right decisions and put you in the right track to get what you need. I want all of my clients to be happy and fully satisfied throughout the whole process, from initial conversation to files delivery and review. 


Events photography from birthdays parties, workshops to conferences. 
For me, your event it’s not just a people. It’s also the venue, food, decorations and all other details which makes it special. So I will cover all those things too. Everything in very natural, candid style. We all know that flash-lights could be distracting and also very annoying for some. That’s why I’m always trying to use the ambient light as much as I can and the same way reduce to minimum use of flash. 



There are many different kinds of portraits. It could be a simple profile picture with white background or something more complex when a location is also important along with the main subject. Ask yourself what kind of photos do you need. Is it LinkedIn profile photo, CD cover, Instagram content or maybe a set o photos for your new website? Would you prefer colour or black and white? 


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Please get in touch. Let’s check if I’m free. Tell me what you need? Is it a portrait or event? What is it for?  Social media, website, poster?


A good plan will make your and my life easier. Lets get all the details right so there will be no surprises on the day of shoot. Where is the shoot? What time? When you need the photos to be delivered?


Let’s take some photos!


So how was it? Are you happy with the final photos? I always want to hear your honest opinion.

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